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CHE 304 - Fluid Flow Operations
3 semester hours
Equations of momentum and energy transport and their applications to the analysis of fluid process behavior, filtration, fluidization and metering of fluids.
Prerequisites: CHE 254 and MATH 126 or MATH 146
Prerequisite with concurrency: CHE 254

CHE 319 - Basic Chemical Engineering Laboratory
2014 Spring
2 semester hours
Basic chemical engineering measurements and calculations: temperature, pressure, thermal transport rates, fluid flow rates and energy losses, material properties and specifications.
Prerequisite: CHE 255

CHE 325 - ChE Honors Forum - Cancer Biotechnology
2016 Spring
1 semester hour
This course is designed to increase the student’s knowledge of how chemical engineers participate in biomedical research related to Cancer Biotechnology. The format will include faculty- and student- led discussions, guest speakers, and team exercises. Students will be exposed to technical, societal, and business aspects of biomedicine and nanotechnology, as well as some history of the development of this emerging technological field.

CHE 445/545 - Introduction to Biochemical Engineering
2015 Spring
3 semester hours
Study of biological processes; application of chemical engineering skills to areas including enzyme kinetics, fermentation, cell growth and metabolic processes.
Prerequisite: CH 231

CHE 492/592 - Stem Cell Bioengineering
2016 Fall
3 semester hours
This elective course gives an introductory knowledge of stem cell biology and introduces various bioengineering approaches used for their study and application.
Prerequisites: CHE255 or CHE418 or CHE445 or BSC300 or CH461CH 231

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